We are having expertise in various field and our aim is to serve our customers with our world class services at competitive prices.
IT Solutions
We are having expertise in IT field with services for all types of IT related projects.
Aviation Sector
We are having expertise in the aviation sector to minimize costs and to reap more benefits from small investments. We can give our services for any type of aviation project.
Logistics Development
New small airports will play great role to explore potential for international cargo movement.
Freight and Cargo Field
New small airports will play great role to explore potential for international cargo movement.
Environment Related Services
We are having experts and also have relationship with various renowned international environment consultants and can undertake all sort of environment studies and environment related services.
Introduction & Exploration of Joint Venture and International Relationship
Exploration of Possibility of Setting up a Joint Venture wit a suitable local industrial group with synergies & strengths in the similar field.
Financial Advisory Services
Spectrum of activities covered by the our Project Management Team include:-
  Conducting feasibility and financial engineering studies, including development of Project Finance Structures.

Assisting & finding partners for projects.


Arrangement of Finance Arranging of projects on a non-recourse or limited recourse basis.

 Arranging of syndicated project finance facilities and related financial products such as working capital, trade finance and risk management products.

Especially we advice on tailor made solutions to our clients in addition to the traditional Banking Products.


Advice on Acquisition Financing.


Advice on Structured Commodity trade Finance.


Advice on Joint Venture Advisory services.

Project Advisory Services
PSA Consultants offers special package of services for Non Resident Indians Overseas Clients interested to set-up projects in India and abroad - in Project Consultancy Services. Before they start for Indian at their home.
Pre-set up database search for a product /service to be launched
  Existing mfrs. / service providers name and contact information

Existing mfrs. / service providers installed capacities


Existing mfrs. / service providers geographical reach

 Existing mfrs. / service providers distribution system

Existing mfrs. / service providers brand, brand value & brand equity


Existing mfrs. / service providers business model

Socio- geographical surveys related to the availability of raw materials
PSA Consultants' Govt. approvals related services to Foreign
Governmental and legal clearances / permissions
  Federal Govt. Related approach

Foreign Direct Investment Clearance


Industrial Licensing, Reserve Bank Clearances

 Pollution control Board Clearance etc.

State govt. Related approach's


Comparative Industrial Incentive Schedules


Subsidised Land Allotment


Comparative Labour laws


Electricity connections


Selection of Land & Sight etc.


Assistance in setting up the project / venture


Registrations with concerned government departments / organisations


Registrations with concerned trade bodies.


Registrations with concerned export development or commodity development boards, organisations and quality certification bodies.

Project Advisory Services
We are in position to take turnkey projects in developing countries on Widal Area Networking in the follwing sectors
  WLL Communication System.

Wireless Based Internet Networking and Connectivity.


Satellite Based Networking Technology.


BOP Services for International clients in India.